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Wilson's Garage/Towing is a family owned business established in 1945 by Ertie Wilson.  The business was originally operated as an auto repair service with one tow truck, a 1946 International, equipped with a hand-crank wench to tow disabled vehicles.  Ertie's son, Earl 'Butch' Wilson and his wife Sue Wilson took over operation of the business in 1983 and are now the sole owners.  The business has grown from the small 1946 international truck with a hand-crank wench and now uses a 2002 International recovery truck and a 2002 International roll-back truck. 

The Wilson family has been proud to serve their community and country since the 1940's.  Ertie was a mechanic in the United States Army during WWII.  Earl was a mechanic in the United States Army during the Vietnam War.  Both Ertie and Earl have used the knowledge they gained in the military to better serve the community.

The Wilsons strive to provide a quality service by maintaining the equipment needed to handle most towing needs.  Wilson's Garage/Towing now tows for AAA, Geico, Allstate, and other auto clubs.  If we can serve your vehicle towing needs, please call 1-417-826-5415.
We look forward to serving you.